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B A L L E T   Q & A   W I T H

Chihiro UchidaPrincipal Dancer of Singapore Dance Theatre

She is one of most beautiful dancers we have seen, and it has been our pleasure to have her in Singapore. We have always been her fans here at Sonata Dancewear, falling in love with her unique flare when performing, and enchanted in her performances. She is definitely an inspiration to many young dancers here. She is none other than, Chihiro Uchida, a Principal dancer at Singapore Dance Theatre and have been dancing with them for 12 years. There is always a sparkle in her eyes when we ask her about ballet and what it means to her.

“It’s my passion! I love to dance since I was young and I’ve been dancing for more than 20 years. Ballet is part of me since I was young, so I think that keeps me going.”

Chihiro in LINA from our Power Mesh Collection

We wondered what was the reason that made Chihiro stay in Singapore?

“It’s Singapore Dance Theatre! It’s because SDT has so many varieties of ballet. From contemporary to pure classical, I get to try so many, so many beautiful ballets and that is why I really like Singapore Dance Theatre.”
Modeling for Sonata Dancewear for a long time, we had to ask her what she liked about us.

“Sonata has good quality and yet reasonable in price. So I feel very comfortable and I’m sure other young dancers or professionals also feel very comfortable getting Sonata’s product because, they have many varieties and colours. You can pick your favourite colours for your favourite styles. I like seeing students in Sonata uniform range, as the cutting is very nice for students.  It helps with body lines and leg lines to look just right.”

We asked Chihiro what is one thing that people always misunderstand about ballerinas.

“It’s about the thing that ballerinas don’t eat. But actually, we do! We need to eat a lot because we need to dance 7 hours a day, 5 days a week or sometimes 6 days. When we have performances throughout the week, and have been dancing, we need the energy to keep going. So we do eat, but I think a lot of people think we don’t eat because we look slim. But we have to eat right. We have to have the stamina.”

Chihiro’s tips for the holidays and words for aspiring ballerinas.

“I do some stretching and I do as much resting as possible. But then I don’t want to lose the muscle strength during the holidays. So I do some strengthening work at home, like Pilates, to help keep in shape during the holidays.”

“Do as much as you can and work hard. Ballet is not easy, but if you love it, if you enjoy it, I think you know, you can keep going. So you know, you just have to push yourself. Go as far as you can and just don’t forget that you really love and enjoy dancing.”