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B A L L E T   Q & A   W I T H

Rosa Park, Former Principal Dancer of Singapore Dance Theatre

Rosa Park is from Korea, who decided to come to Singapore in 2009 with her family. She was not only able to juggle being a professional dancer at Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) but also being a mother to two beautiful twin girls.

Sadly but gracefully, Rosa took her final bow on stage as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker, last year. Her last goodbye to the performing scene was emotional for many dancers who have grew up watching her dance.

We always get an unalloyed pleasure when we watch Rosa dance, so we asked her how does it feel when she is dancing?
“Thank you very much! I really really love dancing, and I would not trade it for anything else. When I dance, there is strictly only music and me. I’m in my own world, and I invite the audience to try and share my world with them.”
Rosa is still currently staying in Singapore today, and we wonder what the difference is for her, between living in Singapore and in Korea?
“Weather! The weather in Singapore has been a huge merit to my dancing career. It is relatively easier to take care of my body under the consistent weather conditions, as opposed to Korea where there are four different seasons.”
On behalf of many fans, we asked Rosa on her brand of pointe shoes and exactly how long does her pointe shoes last?
“I wear Grishko in a medium shank. I tried different brands, but Grishko fits my feet perfectly. How long it lasts depends on which piece I dance. For pieces such as, Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty, a pair only last one performance. For other occasions, I could wear them for 4 to 5 classes. I like my shoes hard, so I tend to change them when they feel somewhat soft on my feet.”

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

I was in university when I was 20, and I think I would do it all over again if I could go back in time, except that I would tell my younger-self not to worry too much about how and what people say and judge about me. Life is too short to do and enjoy what you love the most. Keep up the good work in what you love and are good at. 

What gives you inspiration?

Music. I really enjoy listening to all kinds of music and love dancing with live music. In fact, I prefer live music to the recorded ones when teaching. But, music in general is the integral part of dance. When I dance for a role, I would listen to the music repeatedly, because beats and melodies depict and enable correct movements and feelings. Breathing life into dance, It makes dance so addictive and gives you insatiable feelings.

Would you encourage your daughters to follow in your footsteps?

Only if they want to and they cannot live without dancing, then yes, I will support them if I don’t see such passion, then I will never let them dance. I know it is a difficult path that without the love and passion it is impossible to be a professional dancer.